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18 January 2019 Known incidents lists - 2019 The latest incident list for SBR core and ebMS3 services is now available.
18 January 2019 Single Touch Payroll From late January, we are contacting employers (with 19 or less employees) using payroll software about Single Touch Payroll. Find out what we will be telling your users.
17 January 2019 Practitioner lodgment service working group meeting - 22 January 2019 The agenda for this meeting is now available.
17 January 2019 Trans-Tasman e-Invoicing Access Points (APs) and Digital Capability Publishers (DCPs) will be required to meet a number of security requirements to work within the Trans-Tasman e-Invoicing Interoperability Framework.
16 January 2019 SBR transaction performance statistics - 2019 The latest reports showing statistics on performance times for forms, reports and schedules lodged through Standard Business Reporting (SBR) are now available.
15 January 2019 Digital identity working group meeting - 11 December Meeting outcomes and a presentation from this meeting are now available.
11 January 2019 Single Touch Payroll technical focus group: TFNDEC data 2019 The Single Touch Payroll Technical Committee (STPTC) has established a new focus group, TFNDEC data 2019. Find out more.
10 January 2019 STP employee commencement BIG Version 2.0 of the Single Touch Payroll (STP) employee commencement business implementation guide (BIG) is available, including updates to reflect the implementation of the second employee commencement service.
21 December 2018

Upcoming SBR1 PROD Public Certificate renewal


The current SBR1 PROD Public Certificate expires on 28 January 2019. To ensure continuity of service you may need to install the new certificate which is now available for you to download.
20 December 2018 Tax file number (TFN) declaration reporting specifications v4.0.0 and test scenario Final Tax file number (TFN) declaration reporting specification v4.0.0 and test scenario have been published.
20 December 2018 Practitioner lodgment service working group meeting - 18 December 2018 The key messages, action items and presentation from the PLS meeting of 18 December are now available.
19 December 2018 Requirements for digital service providers In response to feedback, the DSP Operational Framework – Requirements to utilise ATO digital services document provides further clarity on framework requirements.
19 December 2018 ebMS3 ATO artefacts Superannuation - Super Match (SMAT) The latest SuperMatch Terms and Conditions and User guide has been published to v7.0.
19 December 2018 Single Touch Payroll technical committee meeting - 5 December 2018 The outcomes including action items for this meeting are now available.
19 December 2018 Single Touch Payroll Forms are available to help registered tax and BAS agents lodge STP reports on behalf of their clients.  These forms make it easier to notify us of multiple unique software IDs and link multiple clients at the STP role level.