Digital Partnership Office (DPO)

The Digital Partnership Office (DPO) is the first point of contact for the software developer industry with us. We partner with you in co-designing future digital solutions to improve the tax and super experience for the community. We understand the demands on your industry and influence projects to undertake early engagement and ensure timeframes and impacts to developers are considered when designing solutions.

Services we provide:

  • Informing you of upcoming projects and events
  • Creating engagement opportunities in the early stages of project design
  • Coordinating webinars for you about our projects and digital services
  • Providing support and services to help deliver your products
  • Supporting partnership by coordinating ATO speakers at your events
  • Escalating queries and seeking responses from relevant ATO stakeholders
  • Sharing research and intelligence.

DPO supports the Software Industry Partnership Framework as a part of the ATO’s reinvention. The Software Industry Partnership Framework outlines our interactions with you and how we aim to support these interactions during the different stages of the software development lifecycle.

If you would like you provide feedback or seek assistance contact us.

For support in the implementation of and testing of specific ATO services see One to one support - Account management.

ATO-SwD end to end interaction tool

The ATO-SwD end to end interaction tool (PDF, 800kB) is a tool for defining ownership, commitments, and processes for ATO staff in performing activities that support the entire software developer life cycle.

The purpose of the tool is to drive consistency of activities and behaviours in supporting the principles of the ATO-SwD Framework to deliver the desired experiences of the R-ATO blueprint.

Use the link on this page to ensure you are accessing the latest version of the tool.