Sharing Economy Taxable Payments (SHRNGECONTXBLPMT) v0.1

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The Sharing Economy Taxable Payments (SHRNGECONTXBLPMT)is a third-party reporting regime. Under the Sharing Economy Taxable Payments , electronic distribution platform (EDP) operators need to report supplies made through their platform to the ATO. This will help to create a level playing field across industries and provide transparency of the income sellers receive through the sharing economy.

The draft Schema, MST and Implementation Guide for Tranche 1 reporters is below. The package is designed to be used in the development of software for the electronic lodgment of the Sharing Economy Taxable Payments reports for Tranche 1 reporters from 1 July 2023.

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ATO SERR.0001 2024 Package v0.1 Contents (DOCX) 133.56 KB 29 Mar 2023
ATO SERR.0001 2024 Package v0.1 (ZIP) 164.2 KB 29 Mar 2023
The SERR Business Implementation Guide v2.0 (DOCX) 250.74 KB 29 Mar 2023

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