Technical documentation to support the M2M authentication solution

Announcement: USI developers – Update required to align M2M EVTE to the correct DNS standard

The M2M/STS Provider EVTE Physical end point URL has been updated to the correct DNS standard. The old TLS certificate for ‘’ expired on 15 April 2024 and was decommissioned on 23 April 2024. All requests made to ‘’ will receive a 410 error. 

USI developers must update to the current EVTE physical end point URL to continue to use the external vendor testing environment (EVTE).   

Current EVTE physical end point URL

The Machine Authentication Service – Secure Token Service (MAS – ST) document will be updated shortly.

For all enquiries relating to the ‘DPO Authentication Kit’, contact the Digital Partnership Office at

STS Provider  Physical end point

The documents below provide Unique Student Identifier (USI) developers with an overview of the technical specifications, which need to be incorporated in your software to successfully transition to the M2M authentication solution:

The new MAS - ST has been designed to be compatible with the AUSkey SDK. 

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