Electronic portability form (EPF)

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08/01/2015 - 12:45pm


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Guidance note and response to industry feedback

The purpose of the guidance note is to set out the requirements for the Electronic Portability Form (EPF) specifications and message payloads.

The Requirements for Electronic Portability Form (EPF) specifications guidance note (DOCX, 192kB) for use of the Standard Business Reporting Release 2.0 (SBR2) version of the EPF is now available.

The ATO will implement and begin sending the EPF in this format from 21 August 2015. This is a delay to the previously advised implementation date of 13 April 2015 following an assessment of industry readiness to make this change. The guidance note will soon be updated to reflect this alteration.

Response to industry feedback (DOC, 266kB) on the draft EPF guidance note and original implementation date is also available.


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