Find out what is changing in the June release of myGovID and RAM

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Soon, new features will be available for myGovID and Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM), as well as Access Manager and machine credentials, to assist you and your users. This includes:

  • Australian visas (on foreign passports) to verify your identity when setting up a myGovID. This could help you upgrade from a Basic identity strength to a Standard identity strength.
  • A reporting function in Access Manager which allows principal authorities and authorisation administrators to view user access including the date, time of log in and service accessed.
  • Notification emails issued when a machine credential becomes unassigned and needs to be claimed.
  • The ability to export the details of authorisations of a business into spreadsheet format (CSV file) from RAM.

You can find information on using myGovID, RAM and machine credentials on the new software developers website. Keep up to date on the new features through the Digital service providers newsletter.

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