Known outages

We encourage you to check this page regularly to keep informed of any known system outages including:

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The following information is indicative only and all dates and times are subject to change. Further additional outages may be scheduled at short notice and outages may be cancelled at short notice.

SBR1 and SBR2

YETI is unavailable. We currently have a temporary solution, Bigfoot, in place over the next couple of weeks. Read more on

This table provides details of SBR system outages.


Start time

End time


SBR1 and SBR2 Cloud services - EVTE 19 October 2017
07.30am AEDT
19 October 2017
7.30pm AEDT
SBR1 and SBR2 - production 4 November 2017
9.00pm AEDT
5 November 2017
9.00am AEDT
SBR1 and SBR2 - production 2 December 2017
8.00pm AEDT
3 December 2017
8.00am AEDT

Enabling Services

Visit the Superannuation Dashboard to get near-real-time updates on SuperTICK.

  • Enabling Services include all versions of SuperTICK, EmployerTICK, Fund validation service (FVS), Electronic portability form (EPF) and SuperMatch.
  • If you have feedback or special requirements regarding SuperStream Enabling Services during this or any advertised system maintenance period, please contact us via the Super Stream Standards mailbox.

Service Name Outage window from Outage window to    Service Version Impact
14 October 2017
11.30pm AEDT
15 October 2017
7.00am AEDT
All Unavailable

Other system outages and availability

There are no current scheduled outages for other systems.

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