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The Private health insurance report (PHIR) validation script can be run against a private health insurance (PHI) file to search for instances where:

  1. an Individual Identity record doesn’t have an associated Statement or Medicare levy surcharge (MLS) record, and
  2.  a Statement or MLS record has a different Policy Membership Number and/or Unique Personal Identifier than the immediately preceding Identity record; and
  3.  a non ASCII character is present.

To run the file/script:

  1. save the script attachment (required once only)
  2. save and store the file to be checked as a text file, and
  3. know the path and file name of the text file saved
  4. engage the script (double click on the script name/icon from where it was saved to)
  5. in the appropriate entry point on the window that pops up once the script is engaged, input the path and file name of the text
  6. file to be checked (being sure to include the ‘txt’ extension)
  7. click OK – a message window will pop up advising:

a. where the results log will be saved to (saved to the same folder in which the file being checked is stored); and
b. the name of the results log (“PHIR_Validate_log.txt”); and
c. that any previous log saved in the same location will be overwritten.

  1. When the script has finished running, a message window will pop up advising the name and location of the file validated.

If needed, the script can be stopped by pressing Control Break.

While the script is running there will not be any indication as to how far along the job is.  As a guide for how long it takes, a file containing about 185,000 records should be completed in about three minutes.

Note: the file name may need to be renamed to PHIR_ValidateV3.vbs.txt


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