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New platform behaviour is being introduced in Standard Business Reporting 2 (SBR2) as part of the 18 June quarter 2 release.

The change relates to how the error handling component manages duplicate payload checking and only applies to the batch or bulk requests (BBRP) channel and not the Single Requests (SRP) real time channel which currently uses payload duplicate checks.

To enable easier identification when a duplicate file is identified a new error code: CMN.ATO.GEN.DuplicateTransmission (Short Description: A duplicate transmission has been submitted) is being proposed.

The Message ID of the original message SBR2 has matched against will also be supplied with the error message. This can be used for initial investigation to determine if a duplicate message should have been sent and it will also fast track resolution of the issue.

The current SBR2 behaviour is to return a SBR.GEN.FAULT.FAULTFROMAGENCY error response when a duplicate payload has been identified in the platform, which could occur for many reasons. It is also difficult to tell between duplicate matches versus other general faults which may occur during processing.

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