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Technical Architecture Sub-group Discussion Topics

Topic 1 - Unique Trasaction ID (Conversation ID)

External queries seek to clarify the design and implementation of the conversationID as there are some views that the design may not meet the needs of the superannuation industry. 
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Topic 2 - XPath - Message error handling

XPath is the defined standard to extract error messages as part of the Error Code Management design, and in consultation with external entities the following concerns have been raised to the ATO. 
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Topic 3 - Internet Protocol (IP), URL or Other Approved end point electronic service address

What end point electronic service address is able to be nominated by Funds: Internet Protocol (IP) address, URL or Other. The Regulations (Item [1] - Regulation 3B.03) state: The trustee must provide an Internet Protocol (IP) address, or another digital address approved by the Commissioner. Allowing the Commissioner to approve other digital addresses allows for flexibility to cater for future services to be included without the need for regulatory change.
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Topic 4 - Alternate unique superannuation identifier (SPIN)

The Commissioner of Taxation has approved the use of a product's Superannuation Product Identification Number (SPIN) as maintained by APIR Systems Limited as a unique superannuation identifier.

This relates to paragraph 3B.01(b) of the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Regulations 1994.
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Topic 5 - Large Message Processing

A simple ordering of contexts and facts within the XBRL document to allow streaming was proposed for large message handling. If using XBRL tools to generate messages, this option is considered out of the control of the developer. Ordering of elements has been proposed as the only way to allow efficient processing.
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Topic 6 - Rollover message instances and schematron

The sample instances currently published are not validating against the Rollover Schematron published.
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