STP phase 2 guidance notes

In addition to the PAYEVNT.0004 (2020) Business Implementation Guide, guidance notes are available  to provide digital service providers (DSPs) with additional guidance and examples to describe existing Single Touch Payroll (STP) processes and concepts.

The following STP phase 2 guidance notes re-affirm existing tax concepts impacting payroll processes and how they are currently used in relation to pay as you go withholding tax, superannuation guarantee and other transactions.

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Guidance notes

STP01 Transition: Supports the transition between PAYEVNT.0003 (2018) and PAYEVNT.0004 (2020).

STP02 Key Dates: Key date fields in both the parent and child records.

STP03 ATO Use of Data and Online Screens: Provides details and examples on how the ATO will display STP data in ATO Online Services.

STP04 Services Australia Use of Data: Provides details and examples on how Services Australia will use STP data. Expected to be available by the end of November/early December 2020.

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