Strategic working group – 16 June 2022

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This Strategic Working Group (SWG) meeting was held in Brisbane on 16 June 2022.

Key outcomes

16 June 2022

At this meeting, the following items were discussed:

DSP Experience survey results

An overview of the 2022 DSP Experience Survey results was provided – the full results are available in Online services for DSPs.

ATO priority work and recalibration exercise

An update was provided on the ATO’s ongoing recalibration work, and key focus areas for 2022–23 were shared.

Discussions are underway for the recommencement of the current paused initiatives. DSPs will be provided early notice to allow for preparation and minimising re-work.

Discussions will continue on data assurance for STP and activity statement prefill.

Security – post OSF review and transition to uplifted requirements

A post review update of the Operational Security Framework (OSF) was provided.

The DPO is looking at security incident reporting and will reach out to the DSPs and DSPANZ as required.

The OSF team have reviewed the recently announced updates to ISO 27001 requirements and the group discussed the need for a streamlined and consistent standard that could be recognised across government and potentially internationally.


An update was provided on eInvoicing adoption status and payments integration.  eInvoicing awareness activities are occurring, including eInvoicing week 15 – 21 August and small business provider discussions.  The eInvoicing communication kit June 2022 is now available.

Towards 2030 for small business

The ATO Small Business future vision 2030 was discussed along with the current issues of concern. A broader look is being taken at small business tax performance, leveraging the right data, red tape reduction and digital first approach. 

Small Business automation measures – technical feasibility

Key insights from the Technical Feasibility Discussion Report were presented to the group who discussed opportunities and barriers presented by the small business automation measure, Smarter reporting of taxable payments reporting system data (TPRS).

Business inbox

An update was provided on the business inbox architecture overview and engagement plan. Business inbox architecture is currently being worked through for both the wholesale and retail solutions with DSP co-design occurring in the Business inbox working group to gather software requirements.

DSG Strategy & DSP Engagement

The Digital Services Gateway (DSG) is an integral part of the digital transformation journey and will continue evolving. An overview of the DSG API onboarding process was provided.

Chief Digital Officer (CDO) & Digital Delivery Program of work

The CDO provided further information about the refreshed Digital Strategy discussion held during the previous out-of-session working group meeting. Insights into the CDO vision and Delivery program of work were provided. The Digital strategy framework, pillars and supporting principles were also discussed.

DSPs were given assurance that both wholesale and retail solutions are considered when looking at new service offerings.

Other business

Cyber security and Data Acquisition, Pre-fill and Sharing (DAPS) will be brought to next SWG on 26 October 2022.

Participation is available to those Digital service providers listed as SWG members for the 2022 year.

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