Strategic working group – 26 October 2022

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This Strategic Working Group (SWG) meeting was held in Sydney on 26 October 2022.

Key outcomes


Below is a summary of the meeting outcomes. Note: the complete outcomes and presentation materials are available in Online Services for DSPs.

Budget measures and DSP impacts

The Federal Budget was delivered on Wednesday 25 October 2022. The group discussed items of interest, changes and potential impacts to DSPs that require further investigation.

DSP landscape report

A draft DSP landscape report was presented to the group with a discussion around additional features. When approved, the report will be published in online services for DSPs on an annual basis.

Individual DSP activity reports are already available by lodging a request in Online services for DSPs.

Data Acquisition, Prefilling and Sharing Program (DAPS)

An overview was provided of the DAPS program, including its future direction and opportunities, with a particular focus on both verified prefill data and data storage.

The program will help to modernise the ATO’s data and analytics systems, delivering a contemporary data acquisition pipeline and enabling ingestion of increasing varieties and volumes of third party data.

The DSP experience will remain the same, however the establishment of a new data pattern will open possibilities for future discussions around how industry and the ATO work together. (Presentation materials are available in Online services for DSPs 26 October 2022 SWG Meeting.)

Improve small business tax performance

Discussion was held on the journey towards the OECD Tax Administration 3.0 model and how it will enhance integration of tax and superannuation into the digital ecosystem and improve small business tax performance.

The discussion covered three areas of focus for current state and the building blocks for tax administration 3.0. (Presentation materials are available in Online services for DSPs 26 October 2022 SWG Meeting.)

Draft technology strategy

An overview of the ATO’s draft technology strategy was presented to the group. The strategy provides the framework for our technology vision and how we prioritise our investment to keep technology up-to-date and keep pace with change.

Discussed were the ATO’s 8 Core Principles which align to the 6 Pillars of the technology strategy and guide how we shape technology.

DSP experience strategy

As part of the Towards 2030 vision, the DPO’s draft DSP Experience Strategy was brought to the group. The strategy will set the vision and direction on how the ATO partners with DSPs now and into the future.

A case study was presented for discussion around potential options for lodging API portal feedback.

API Portal specs are publicly available and DSPs registered for the API Portal will have early access to all portal features.

DSPs were reminded that tickets can be lodged to request API Portal support.

Next meeting: Out-of-Session SWG 8 December 2022

Participation is available to those Digital service providers listed as SWG members for the 2022 year.

If you have any questions, contact the secretariat by email at or lodge a ticket via Online services for DSPs.

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