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This Strategic Working Group (SWG) meeting was held in Brisbane on 2 November 2023.

Key outcomes


Below is a summary of key outcomes. Note: The full key outcomes and presentation materials are available in Online services for DSPs.

SWG membership refresh

Members were given an overview of the upcoming annual SWG membership refresh. 

Expressions of interest for SWG membership for 2024 will open 8 November and close on 1 December 2023. Outcome of the membership will be finalised by the end of December.

Payday Super

Members were given an overview of ATO ideas generated from the original industry engagement sessions for delivery of Payday Super.

Members had the opportunity to discuss impacts of early thoughts on delivery, noting the need to consider existing patterns, lead time and effort required. due to complexity of the measure.

The ATO will investigate the best way to continue conversations regarding implementation. 

EST Program of Work 

A brief update on ATO/EST Program of Work (PoW) was provided. 

Payday Super was noted as being the most significant item on the radar for DSPs. 

An out of session SWG will be scheduled to cover MYEFO in December 2023 or early in 2024 (pending date of MYEFO release).

CIO update – Our digital transformation

Members were provided an overview of ATOs digital transformation to date and given insight into the ATO’s digital strategy. 

Key topics discussed included ATO’s evolving partnership with DSPs, Payday Super, the use of Artificial Intelligence in software, and the Digital Services Gateway. 

Insights from the Norwegian Tax Administration 

Members were given an overview of Norwegian Tax Administration (NTA) and the role of Chief Information Officer and Head of Information Management.

Highlights included discussion on the digital journey and aspirations of the NTA compared to the ATO. While there are many similarities at a strategic level, there are key environmental differences, particularly regarding rules around data sharing across Government and industry. 

Improve Small Business Tax Performance 

Members were provided with an overview of the program, covering progress towards:

  • developing a roadmap for enhanced integration of tax and superannuation into the digital ecosystem for small business
  • prototyping concepts to streamline the tax experience, in consultation and co-design with external stakeholders 

eInvoicing update 

Members were provided an overview of eInvoicing including the ‘Market review for the adoption of eInvoicing’ the Access Economics report provided by Deloitte. 

Members were also given insight into the global direction of eInvoicing and the known issues and irritants affecting uptake.

Discussions included possible strategies to improve uptake of eInvoicing across business. 

Update on Sharing Economy Reporting Regime (SERR)

Members were provided with a high-level overview of SERR, including implementation phases.

Phase 1, focussed on taxi travel, ridesharing and short-term accommodation is underway. Phase 2 will include all industries that utilise an electronic distribution platform (EDP). 

DSPANZ update

Members were provided with an update on New Zealand Digital Advisory Group (NZ DAG) providing insight into NZ Inland revenues change program.

Members were also given an update on the progress of the Data Minimisation and Retention industry guidance paper. The aim of the paper is to provide DSPs with a best practice approach to data retention. The paper can be found on the DSPANZ website. 

Digital Services Gateway (DSG) and next steps

Members were provided with an overview of DSG in the context of future work. 

Key points included the ATO’s approach to planning, making sure the right APIs are available at the right time. The intent is for all channels to access the same APIs and have the same real-time capability. 

Next meeting dates

The next face-to-face SWG meeting will be held in March 2024. 

Participation will be available to Digital service providers selected from the 2024 membership refresh process

If you have any questions, contact the secretariat by email at or lodge a ticket via Online services for DSPs.

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