Simpler BAS for small business consultation and engagement

Simpler BAS makes it easier and quicker for small businesses as it allows for easier classification of transactions, preparation and lodgment of the BAS. 

Consultation and engagement with digital service providers, tax professionals and small business is crucial to the successful implementation of Simpler BAS.

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Consultation and engagement  


  • June – Transitional correspondence to tax practitioners and small businesses.
  • June – Australian Software Industry Association (ABSIA) Special Interest Working Group webinar
  • April – Enterprise Verification Testing Environment live for SBR1 (Add tax role) and SBR2 (AS List, Pre-fill, pre/lodge).
  • April - June – Recruitment and user testing of digital coding and reporting solution with up to 2,000 small business participants and their associated tax practitioners.
  • March – ABSIA conference promoted the Special Interest Working Group
  • March – Simpler BAS public relations articles to be released to software developer publications.
  • March – Release of SBR AS Services and SBR AS Validation Rules specs.
  • March – Enterprise Verification Testing Environment live for SBR1 (AS List, Pre-fill, pre/lodge).
  • January - April – Recruitment and user testing for new to business Alpha testing participants in the Alpha testing.


  • December – Release of priority specifications and phase 1 findings.
  • November – Recruit small businesses and tax professional participants for quarter 3.
  • September – Recruit small businesses and tax professional participants for quarter 2.
  • August – Simpler BAS update at the ABSIA webinar.
  • July – User testing commences.
  • May – Recruit small business and tax professional participants for quarter 1.
  • February – Co-design workshops with participating software developers.


  • November – Expression of interest to participate in testing Simpler BAS coding and reporting solution.
  • October – Discussions with several software developers following interest from the ABSIA forum.
  • September – Presentation at ABSIA Conference
  • September - October – Research interviews with a range of small businesses and tax professionals.
  • June – Concept discussions with various software developers.

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