Work with us on a new excise lodgment service

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Are you a digital service provider looking to expand your service offering? We want to work with like-minded DSPs to help us create an improved contemporary experience for excise clients

The service will be designed to streamline processing obligations for excise and customs clients to improve the user experience. Currently excise lodgments and payments are supported by a legacy system that doesn’t allow clients to interact electronically with the ATO.

Providing a digital lodgment function for excise returns and authorisations offers a range of service opportunities for DSPs and their clients, including:

  • eliminating excess paperwork and manual processing
  • allowing real-time validations and responses, and
  • enabling excise clients to easily maintain and manage updates to their licences, authorisations and renewals.

If you’re interesting in helping us shape the future of excise digital lodgments, send us an expression of interest via Online services for DSPs by Friday 9 October 2020.

Or for information about excise or excise payments, contact us.

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