Modernisation of Trust Administration Systems (MTAS) working group – 11 September 2023

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The Modernisation of Trust Administration Systems (MTAS) project is an ATO initiative aimed at improving the integrity of the tax system through improving the end-to-end trust experience for clients.

This meeting was held via webinar on Monday 11 September 2023.

Key outcomes

Below is a summary of key outcomes. Note: The full outcomes and any presentation materials are available in Online Services for DSPs.

At this meeting, discussion points were:

Recap and overview of out of session Capital Gains Tax (CGT) and Trust Income Schedule (TIS) discussion

An overview of the out-of-session meeting held on 10 August was provided to the group along with discussing the feedback on the implications of the new CGT labels.

TIS Aggregation for 30+ beneficiaries

The Business Implementation Guide (BIG) will outline the process of aggregating the TIS form to accommodate the numbers of beneficiaries for Individual Income Tax Returns (IITR) and Non-individual Income Tax Returns (NITR).

Technical Design and Specifications

The group was provided a view of the draft Message Structure Table (MST) along with an updated delivery timeline.

Nudge messaging for individuals

The group was presented with the changes to TT2024, based on prior-year returns, where individual beneficiaries completing their ITR via myTax or SBR/PLS channels will receive real time nudge messaging.

Group discussion

Feedback from Stewardship groups have included a request for software developers to have a printing option for the statement of distribution available for Agents, however this would not be a part of the SBR service build.

Next steps

The next group is scheduled to reconvene in December 2023. If any further updates are required, the MTAS group will attend a PLS working group to communicate any changes or requests for feedback.

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