Bulk Data Exchange – File transfer test facility

The File transfer test facility allows you to validate or test a file to ensure it is suitable for you or your users before for lodging via our online services, including the Business Portal  and Online services for agents.

New file specifications are usually made available to test some weeks or months before they are available to your users through our online services. See File transfer for a full list of files which are currently accepted.

On this page:

Using the File transfer test facility

Before you can access the File transfer test facility you need to complete the registration form.

Once you have access:

  1. Prepare the files using your software in accordance with the file specifications. See Bulk Data Exchange common information artefacts.
  2. Log in to the test facility using your user ID and password.
  3. Submit files to the ATO, they will be checked for format compatibility and data quality.
  4. Confirm the file has been uploaded by viewing the transfer history while the file is validated for errors and warnings in the background.
  5. Download a validation report confirming the data is in a valid format or detailing any errors found.

See also:

Non-ASCII character conversion

The Bulk Data Exchange (BDE) cannot process non-ASCIIs characters.

When a file has been accepted by BDE - prior to the validation process - the translation and conversion process is run. This non-ASCII character pre-check is against a defined list of special characters.

If a conversion is required, a notification that a specific record has be changed due to the detection of a non-ASCII character is communicated back to the user as a warning message in the validation report.

View the Non-ASCII character translation conversion list (DOCX, 36KB).