Rollover standard v3.0

The upgrade to the Rollovers standard (v3) brings self-managed super funds (SMSF) and certain release authorities into the SuperStream standard for rollovers.

This change took effect from 31 March 2021 with a 6 month transition to 30 September 2021.

The following new services were introduced to support the processes related to Rollover v3:

  • SMSF verification service (SVS)
  • SMSFmemberTICK.

Technical artefacts, checklists and guides

Previous updates

October 2021

Published updated Rollover User Guide V4.04

Published updated Rollover Sample Message Instances

July 2021

Published updated Rollover V3 User Guide V4.03

June 2021

Published updated RolloverV3 Conformance Testing Guide v3.09 in line with the revised Test Data Scenario V1.1  

Published updated RolloverV3 Test Data Scenario V1.1 and Rollover Schematron v3.0 20210607

April 2021

Published updated artefacts Rollover V3 User Guide V4.02 and Rollover V3 Conformance Testing Guide v0.8 together with EVTE test data and Sample Rv3 messages.

Published updated Rollover V3 User Guide V4.01.

Implementation and onboarding resources for Rollovers v3 can be located on our SuperStream Rollover v3 webpage on

March 2021

Published updated Schedule 4b and Rollover V3 User Guide. An unchanged Schedule 3 also included to page for reference.

6 November 2020

In collaboration with industry, updates to the Rollover v3 User Guide and the technical artefacts Schedule 4b and Schedule 6 are now published. Change detail to the schedules is provided in Rollover v3 Change Log v0.9

Version 0.6 of the Rollover v3 Conformance Testing Guide is also published.

1 October 2020

On 6 August 2020 the ATO distributed a letter to all large super fund trustees advising them of a deferral of dates for implementation of Rollovers v3. The content of this letter has now been made available. Trustee letter SuperStream rollovers v3.0 (PDF, 50.8KB).

26 June 2020

The ATO Schematron files for Rollovers v3.0 are now available.

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