Standard Business Reporting (SBR)

Standard Business Reporting (SBR) is a standard approach to online or digital record-keeping. It was introduced by government in 2010 to simplify business reporting obligations.

SBR is built into business/accounting software making it SBR-enabled.

The government's SBR website provides detailed information about SBR. There is a dedicated section for digital service providers which has information on:

  • SBR enabled reports
  • building SBR into applications
  • developer tools.

The developer tools section contains the SBR specifications along with detailed information about the SBR program and a list of SBR forms in scope.

The latest updates and changes to ATO content on are available via the ATO Artefacts and Location spreadsheet. You can subscribe for email updates by selecting ‘ATO artefacts and location sheet’ from the drop-down menu when subscribing.

If you need assistance developing or testing SBR-enabled software contact the SBR Service Desk on 1300 488 231 or via The service desk is available from 8.00am to 7.00pm AEST Monday to Friday - excluding public holidays and the SBR Christmas shutdown period. Extended hours are available during tax time.

After-hours support for urgent ATO SBR system incidents is now available for ATO digital service providers. To utilise this service:

  1. Phone the SBR Service Desk on 1300 488 231.  Hold the line until you receive the ATO IT Service Desk welcome message.
  2. Once your call is answered, identify your company and we will help to resolve your incident. To track your incident a reference number will be provided.
  3. If additional information is requested, send this by email to the SBR Service Desk mailbox listing your reference number in the subject heading.

If you have any feedback on the after-hours service email the SBR Feedback mailbox. Your feedback is valuable in helping us improve our service. 

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