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We are increasing software services to allow you to create digital infrastructure that will enable users to interact with us seamlessly online, while remaining in your software.

This will include new and improved functionality, as well as making current portal functions available for you to build into your products. Services for business and practice management software will be developed using an agile methodology and iterative delivery.

The new services will complement the existing SBR services, allowing your users to perform basic, high-volume functions. Your users will have visibility of ATO information allowing them to better understand and manage interactions with us.

Latest news

9 October 2017

The Software services project has delivered approximately 35 interactions, which has created 10 value-add functions into EVTE. The services are unable to move to production until the outcomes of the Operational Framework are finalised. The Operational Framework aims to mitigate the risks associated with these services.

We aim to move a number of services into production in December 2017 and will keep you up to date with the progress made via this webpage, your Account Manager and the Digital service providers newsletter. If you’re not yet subscribed to the newsletter, subscribe here.

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