Listing your Single Touch Payroll product

Options for listing your STP product or service can be found below:

STP product register

The STP product register provides a list of commercially available STP solutions and a separate list of Sending Service Providers. These products and services are whitelisted for the Payroll Event service and meet the security requirements under the DSP Operational Framework.

If you have an STP product or service which meets the requirements above, your product will be included in the register. To provide product-specific details about your STP solution you will need to:

If you are unable to provide products details at this time, basic information about your product will be listed in the register. You can provide product details at any time by completing the ‘Update STP product register’ ticket in our Online services. We will work with you to update the register with the information you provide.

No-cost and low-cost register

The no-cost and low-cost STP solutions provides a list of STP products for micro employers (those with one to four employees) who need to report through STP but do not currently have STP ready software.

The register is operated subject to the:

SBR product register

Once you successfully complete product verification testing (PVT) you will have the option to list your STP product on the Standard Business Reporting (SBR) products register. If your product isn’t listed and you’d like it to be, contact the Digital Partnership Office via Online services for DSPs or email

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