Digital service provider Architecture Reference Group (DARG) – 9 November 2022

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The DSP Architecture Reference Group (DARG) meeting was held in Brisbane on 9 November 2022.

Any artefacts will be made available on this page.

Participation is available to those Digital service providers listed as DARG members for the 2022 year.

Key outcomes

9 November 2022

DSP Experience Strategy – SBR and BDE

An overview of the 5 key themes in the draft Digital Service Provider Experience Strategy was provided:

  • Enhancing security and policy posture to mitigate emerging risks to the ecosystem
  • Supporting through all stages of DSP lifecycle and beyond
  • Evolving and improving systems DSPs need to access and increasing stability of platforms
  • Optimising and tailoring communications
  • Working better together to innovate and achieve valuable outcomes

Program Delivery Roadmap

An update was provided on the Program Delivery Roadmap, highlighting the schedule for the release of the Activity Statement (AS) 2023 service, paused projects, and the new Corporate Collective Investment Vehicle (CCIV) tax measure.

PLS Developers Workshop Retrospective

Analysis and key insights from the Tax Time 2022 Retrospective held in July were shared with the group. Issues were centred around specifications with inconsistences, the need for accurate business scenarios in Conformance testing, and the timeliness of data availability.

API Portal: YFYS Sandbox demonstration

Members were provided with an overview of how the Your Future Your Super (YFYS) Sandbox will operate and were invited to provide feedback on potential enhancements.

Shared responsibilities and managing risk

Members were invited to consider how the security element can be improved regarding the SBR and DSG security model. An overview of use cases and implementation plan for the Dynamic Client Register (DCR) was provided.

API Portal: Collaborator Hub

The purpose of the Collaborator Hub is to provide a space where DSPs can access and provide feedback on APIs and their accompanying documentation. This feedback and subsequent comments will remain available for DSPs registering at any given time.

Service Registry

The next Service Registry update will state that SBR1 services will be deprecated. There will be discovery work to determine what to do with services still being used – Tax File Number Declaration and Payment Summary. Impacted DSPs will be contacted regarding the deprecation and any resulting changes.


Members were provided with a detailed explanation of the DSP Landscape Report, including the metrics used to generate the report.

Members also received an overview of the DSG reporting, advising the solution was developed based on out-of-the box Apigee reporting.

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