Digital service provider Architecture Reference Group (DARG) – 29 March 2023

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The DSP Architecture Reference Group (DARG) meeting was held in Sydney on 29 March 2023.

Participation is available to those Digital service providers listed as DARG members for the 2023 year.

Key outcomes

Strategic Working Group (SWG) update

The draft forward agenda for the SWG was provided to members. Members were advised the format of the SWG will be changed, with DSPANZ leading the May/October sessions.

DSPANZ will also establish a focus group to look at data retention and minimisation.

An update was provided on pilots moving forward to improve small business tax performance and how tax administration will look in 2030.

Delivery insights and future program

More definite plans will be presented at the July DARG, noting the current ongoing budget planning and internal processes.

There has been a drop-off in investment in the technology sector, with funding in non-revenue/profit generating areas reducing, and companies prioritising development money to legislated directives/changes.

Tax 3.0 Personas workshop

The Tax 3.0 Personas workshop was held to discuss the goal of creating seamless, integrated, and automated tax systems. It was recognised this is not just a technological problem, but also an income tax law problem with changes needed to improve the end user experience and support business.

Dynamic Client Registration (DCR) feedback and discussion

Members discussed feedback received regarding DCR implementation, with the registration API yet to be scheduled.

There is a known issue with interim DCR where authentication fails due to an expired machine credential as machine credentials have a two year lifespan from date of registration.

A fix (certificate pinning) has been identified to update the existing client ID when a machine credential is renewed, with deployment planned for June.

The Your Future Your Super (YFYS) API will be available from 28 April 2023, with certificate pinning available June/July.

OAuth Scopes overview

An overview of OAuth Scopes was presented, with a technical discussion regarding the approval process and access to the master key.

Collaborator Hub demonstration and feedback

Members received a demonstration of the Collaborator Hub, with the opportunity to provide feedback. There was discussion on:

  • Visibility of comments made on the hub
  • Notifications features

Digital Services Gateway (DSG) planning

The group was led through a brainstorming exercise where members shared their experiences integrating APIs and identified several challenges they faced when implementing against ATO's services.

A grouping and prioritisation exercise was conducted to categorise the identified challenges.

ATO’s TLS infrastructure update

The group received confirmation TLS 1.2 and 1.3 are the minimum requirements. Risks and impacts to implementation were discussed with the group.

SSP model and SBR website

SSP model

Discussion on the current SSP model and possible changes which will be explored through working groups or direct discussions with DSPs/SSPs.

SBR website

A review into usage of the SBR website is underway. With new technology and platforms like API portal, and usage predominantly only ATO (other agencies have content on their own websites), there is potential to move all the content to other platforms.

Engagement and consultation snapshot

The engagement and consultation snapshot will be distributed to members with the outcomes.

Key outcomes and presentation materials are available in DSP Hub.

If you have any questions, contact the secretariat by email at or lodge a ticket via Online services for DSPs.

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