Data & Payment Standards Guidance

Note: Once guidance notes have been endorsed by the Superannuation Data Standards Technical Group (SDSTG), formally known as the SuperStream Standard Technical Committee (SSTC), it is expected by the ATO that the guidance notes will be implemented throughout the entire industry.

These guidance notes will be assessed annually by the ATO. It is expected if you are unable to implement any guidance note you will contact the ATO to advise the reason of non-compliance and a future implementation plan.

When technical documents are re-versioned, relevant guidance notes will be included in any updated Message Implementation Guides (MIGs) and/or User Guides making them enforceable under the Data & Payment Standard from the date the updated guidance documents are published.

Guidance Notes Issued
ID Description Date
G053 Use of the Nil Certification on the Fund Validation Servic.e (PDF,58.12 KB)  24/06/2024
G052 Unexpected OtherContributionsAmount Tuple (PDF, 43KB) 22/02/2022
G051 SuperStream payments using NPP (PDF, 119KB) 19/11/2021
G050 Legislative change for LISC and LISTO (DOCX, 88.33KB) 20/04/2017
G049 RecordCount validation (DOCX, 87.56KB) 20/04/2017
G048 Rollover reconciliation rules (DOCX, 87.84KB) 20/04/2017
G047 SourceABN and SourceUSI for IRR & RTR (DOCX, 86.31KB) 20/04/2017
G046 Fund USI parameter in MROR and CTER (PDF, 50.22KB) 01/06/2016
G045 Schema values under rollover MIG v2.0 (PDF, 52.81KB) 01/06/2016
G044 Orphan IRR (PDF, 82.5KB) 19/04/2016
G043 Invalid TFN values in SuperStream messages (DOCX, 80KB) 07/04/2016
G042 Member ID parameter included in MRORs (DOCX, 80KB) 13/11/2015
G041 Electronic Error Messaging property (DOCX, 80KB) 13/11/2015

MemberID parameter included in MRORs

Superseded – please see G042

G039 Essential information for refund of SuperStream contributions (DOCX, 119KB) 16/10/2015
G038 Basic character set for string elements in SuperStream messages (DOCX, 81KB) 01/10/2015

Invalid TFN values in SuperStream messages

Superseded - see G043

G036 ABN unknown to SMSF service provider (DOCX, 82KB) 11/08/2015
G035 Response messaging phases and dates 04/06/2015
G034 Duplicate employer contexts (DOCX, 85KB) 20/05/2015
G033 Expected timeframe for a CTER response (DOCX, 83KB) 05/05/2015

Employer with no entitlement to an ABN

Superseded – see Contributions MIG v1.4


Requirements for Entering Decimals for Weekly Hours Worked in the Member registration request (MRR) Message (DOCX, 76KB)

Download the ‘patch file’ for referred to in the guidance note

G030 Multiple instances of the same member within an XBRL document (Duplicate TFN)

Superseded – see Contributions MIG v1.4
G029 Allowable characters for organisation name in SuperStream messages (DOCX 76.6KB) 11/02/2015
G028 Use of additional punctuation in name titles (DOCX, 84KB) 11/02/2015

Requirements for Entering Decimals for Weekly Hours Worked in the Member registration request (MRR) Message

Download the ‘patch file’ for referred to in the guidance note

Superseded - please see G031

G026 Multiple employer IDs with the same ABN (DOCX, 86KB) 15/12/2014

Employer with no entitlement to an ABN

Superseded - please see G032

G024 International addresses in SuperStream contributions (DOCX, 83KB) 18/11/2014

Requirements for entering ‘BPAY’ as a contributions payment type (DOCX, 78KB)

Download the ‘patch file’ for dtyp.0.2.3:sbrPaymentMethodCodeItemType referred to in the guidance note

G022 Default values for mandatory fields when data is unavailable (DOCX, 80KB) 27/10/2014
G021 Use of the payment reference number (spaces) (DOCX, 101KB) 25/09/2014
G020 Limiting the size of large contributions files (DOCX, 367KB) 17/06/2014
G019 Contributions for defined benefits (DOCX, 108KB) 07/05/2014
G018 Updated error handling guidance (2014) (DOCX, 186KB) 04/08/2014
G017 Sending Member Registration Outcome Response (MROR) messages (DOCX, 316KB) 01/10/2014
G016 Optimisation of responses for contributions (DOCX, 240KB) 04/08/2014

SuperStream alternative file format guidance (DOCX, 75KB)

View the alternative format (XLSX, 32KB)



G014 Telephone numbers (DOC, 86KB) 09/09/2013
G013 Must Understand Attribute (DOC, 95KB) 03/09/2013
G012 Applying maximum severity to outcome response messages (DOC, 95KB) 02/09/2013
G011 Zero length parameters on outcome response messages (DOC, 105KB) 29/08/2013
G010 ABN in conversation ID (DOC, 104KB) 29/08/2013
G009 Field specification (DOC, 175KB) 14/08/2013
G008 Schematron error for TFN validation (DOC, 177KB) 14/08/2013
G007 Conversation ID and Part ID (DOC, 172KB) 02/08/2013

Updated error handling guidance (Jun 2013)

Superseded - please see G018

G005 Unique Transaction ID (Conversation ID) (DOC, 213KB) 08/03/2013
G004 XPath – Message Error Handling (DOC, 213KB) 18/04/2013
G003 ebMS AS4 Message Structure (DOC, 213KB) 18/04/2013
G002 IP vs URL address for Fund Validation Service (DOC, 213KB) 08/03/2013
G001 Unique Superannuation Identifier – SPIN (DOC, 213KB) 21/03/2013


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