SuperStream - Fund USI and SPIN Lookup table

We have published a Fund USI and SPIN Lookup table to assist employer’s obtain new fund data required to send contributions using SuperStream.

Version 1.8 of the Fund USI and SPIN Lookup table was published 22 September 2015.

Technical documentation

Contributions message implementation guide (Version 1.4)

The Contributions Message Implementation Guide (MIG) (PDF, 364KB) which forms part of the Superannuation Data and Payment Standard has been updated to version 1.4 and is effective as of 18 April 2016.

MIG v1.4 is a minor update primarily to support employers not eligible for an ABN. The ATO has deemed this change essential for maintaining integrity of the employer onboarding experience. 

This version of the MIG now replaces Guidance notes G030 and G032 by way of incorporating them into the standard.

There is no requirement for funds to re-certify their solutions as a consequence of this update.  Funds may however need to change some aspects of a solution if a guidance note has not already been applied. This should now be done at the earliest available opportunity.

There are no other planned updates to the SuperStream contributions data standard until ‘major release’ MIG v2.0. All other current guidance notes continue to apply and will be considered as candidates for incorporation into the standard at that time.

Two technical changes have been incorporated into the SuperStream Data and Payment Standard. The first change based on industry ebMS current practice, affecting messaging ‘From and To’ fields and the second change allows detailed reporting of record counts (rollovers, contributions or registrations).

For further information on the rationale for these changes, refer to:

For the schedule version history, refer to Schedule version history for the Superannuation Data and Payment Standard (PDF, 66.99 KB).

Contributions conformance testing guide

The Contributions conformance testing guide is used by employers, funds and solution providers undertaking conformance testing against the SuperStream Contributions Standard. Conformance testing is required to achieve third party certification and induction cross-certification of conforming messaging solutions. 

Contributions testing and certification

The Contributions testing and certification guide version 1 (DOCX, 131KB) is an associated guide for employers, funds and solution providers undertaking the contribution testing and certification process against an industry standard conformance suite which is supported by a collaborative (third party) test facility (

Contributions schematron and instances

The SuperStream schematron v1.2 and XBRL message instances referring to v1.2 of the Contributions message implementation guide have been updated.

Contributions user guide

The Contributions user guide (DOCX, 689KB) provides information to support those who need to use the new data and e-commerce standard, and understand the schedules and associated documents to develop compliant systems and processes for making and processing registrations and contributions.

Induction documentation

SuperStream end to end testing framework

The ATO has developed an end to end testing framework (DOCX, 377KB) that sets out the requirements, scope and timing of testing that is to take place prior to induction.

The framework is aimed at entities required to participate in end-to-end testing, including employers, payroll solution providers, clearing houses, gateways, and fund service providers.

SuperStream end to end testing schedule

The SuperStream end to end testing schedule (PDF, 295KB) is designed for the end to end solution testing of SuperStream contributions. The schedule will be updated weekly (version will increment) as additional solution testing details are confirmed and progress is tracked. Update requests can be sent to SuperStream standards.

The solution sending party and solution receiving party have been identified to enable tracking of third party certification and end to end test status. The cohort number uniquely identifies each induction cohort group which enables a cross reference to the contributions induction schedule (not all test partners will have an identifying cohort). Request for test inclusion can be sent to SuperStream standards.

The ATO takes no responsibility for the accuracy of this test schedule as it is reliant on information made available by these entities at the time of publishing. Specific dates may vary slightly due to changes in partner readiness and arrangements.

APRA funds documentation

Alternative start date for receiving compliant contributions messages

APRA-regulated funds requiring an alternative start date for receiving compliant contributions messages after 3 November 2014 can provide the ATO with this information using the alternative start date template (DOCX, 76KB).

More information is available at SuperStream alternative start date (DOCX, 18KB).

Transitional and enduring alternative arrangements mapping

APRA funds implementing transitional and enduring alternative arrangements need to document the mapping of the alternative data elements and business rules (if any) to show alignment with Schedule 4(a).

Standard choice form

We have changed the Standard choice form to allow employers to collect additional information that is now required under the SuperStream changes.

Payroll developer guide

The Payroll developer guide (DOC, 225KB) provides basic information for both commercial and in-house developers who are updating current payroll products or developing new products to achieve compliance with the SuperStream standard.

SuperStream certified product register

This register enables employers to identify the readiness of payroll software and other service providers to meet SuperStream requirements.

The ATO does not endorse or recommend any entity placed on this register. Any claims made should be read in conjunction with a vendor's terms and conditions.

More information is available at the SuperStream certified product register.

Salary sacrifice packaging guidance

The purpose of the Salary sacrifice packaging guide (DOCX, 79KB) is to provide guidance to employers and salary packaging providers on the requirement to use SuperStream for super contributions made using employer salary sacrifice arrangements.

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