Strategic working group – 26 May 2016

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The Software Industry Partnership Office (SIPO) will be hosting a Strategic working group (SWG) on 26 May 2016 in the ATO offices in Sydney CBD.

The SWG aims to share and shape our strategic direction, identify and address arising issues in the industry early so that a clear strategic direction can be formed.

This SWG will be held on the day after the ABSIA Forum on 25 May 2016. This advance notification is to enable travel preparation if you intend to attend both meetings.

This meeting request is for a business-focused, strategic workshop on topics that may include:

  • ATO’s Operational Framework for developers and service providers
  • Digital Services Priorities
  • Working with “Privately Owned and Wealthy Group” tax clients and software developers
  • ATO’s Digital Strategy

The agenda and other artefacts will be added to this page.

Places are limited.

Expressions of interest (one per company) to attend should be submitted to by 29 April 2016.

Key outcomes

A summary of key outcomes of the ATO-Software Developers Strategic Working Group (SWG) meeting of 26 May 2016 follows:

  • SWG Operating documentation
    •  The SWG to be 20 members via expression of interest (EOI) for one calendar year with places each meeting for four casual/visitor positions.
    • Seek to run special purpose working groups after the SWG.
  • Members provided input into:
    • top three priorities for the current ATO initiatives
    • the Single Entry Point (SEP) project.
  • Members confirmed industry support for SBR's ‘choice of protocols/syntax per service’ and expressed a desire for the ATO to:
    • consult with SwDs for ATO services via the Technical Working Group (TWG)
    • include SwDs in Whole of Government conversations
    • consider business considerations (e.g. timeframes, existing capability, XBRL is expensive)
  • Members discussed upcoming ATO priority services and confirmed:
    • desire for the s/w industry to become involved in ATO agile development methodology
    • recognition of a need to find a way to reach out to ‘non-practitioner software’ segments (eg Payroll, Super, Finance, business accounting, gateway) to obtain suggestions for new services
    • desire for government to ensure resources to implement current initiatives.
  • Members discussed a new initiative for ‘ATO Preferencing’:
    • Members recommended the ATO invite Expressions of Interest for a working group.
  • Members discussed a multi-jurisdictional project for international GST on overseas purchases:
    • Members recommended it could best be enabled by ATO and other overseas jurisdictions, each providing local software developers with an API to report locally and other agencies share that information.

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