Software assurance

This page provides information about our Software assurance project.


The Software assurance project aimed to help alleviate common errors for your users prior to lodgment and explore other opportunities to improve internal governance and assurance processes.

We worked in collaboration with tax practitioners, representatives of business and digital service providers to collate and share common errors in lodgements and explore opportunities to provide solutions. 


24 April 2017

The Software assurance project has now concluded. We thank you for your participation in this project. Your insights and feedback were valuable in helping us to explore solutions to help alleviate common lodgment errors for your users. If you have any feedback or questions email

13 December 2016

The outcomes (PDF, 323KB) from the Discovery Workshop are now available. We are using the insights and feedback from the workshop to help shape the future direction and outcomes of the Software assurance project. In particular, we are working to collate and share common errors with you on a regular basis. We will provide an update on this in the New Year.  

25 November 2016

A Discovery Workshop will be held on Monday 28 November. Through this workshop we will be sharing some of the common errors (PDF, 608KB) we have identified your clients are experiencing. We want to explore how sharing these errors could improve your clients’ experience. We have identified more than 200 common errors so far. The workshop is also an opportunity to review the problems that our research (PDF, 269KB) has identified.

9 August 2016

Over the next few months we will be analysing components of the project, including feedback from tax practitioners and business. We will share our findings in October 2016. These findings will also influence the agenda for the co-design workshop, planned for November 2016.

5 July 2016

Your participation is fundamental to this project and we want to work with you in co-designing a solution. There will be a co-design workshop held during November 2016, but you can express your interest in the project now by emailing us with any questions, feedback, the details of your products and your contact details.  

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