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The ATO as a Peppol Authority

Australia has adopted the Peppol framework for eInvoicing. The framework is used globally (currently in over 34 countries) helping to support international trade and making international opportunities possible for Australian businesses.

Peppol Authorities are established to support the use of Peppol in a country. Peppol Authorities are responsible for setting local requirements and managing participants of Peppol within the country.

OpenPeppol, is the overarching association which governs the Peppol network and delegates authority over the implementation and use of the infrastructure to the local Peppol Authorities.

The ATO became a Peppol Authority on behalf of the Australian Government on 31 October 2019.

The functions of the Australian Peppol Authority include:

  • supporting the development and implementation of Peppol standards and specifications suitable for use in Australia
  • supporting accreditation of Service Providers within Australia
  • providing support for Service Providers accredited by the Australian Peppol Authority
  • monitoring and ensuring Australian Service Provider adherence to Peppol and local requirements
  • supporting and engaging with the wider Peppol community.

Further information about Peppol can be found at what is Peppol.

If you have any questions about the ATO’s role as a Peppol Authority contact

Become an OpenPeppol member

OpenPeppol membership is mandatory for all service providers who intend to be Peppol Access Point or Service Metadata Publisher providers. Other digital service providers may choose to participate in the Peppol community by becoming an OpenPeppol member.

Membership includes:

  • helping to review the usability of Peppol specifications and services
  • influencing the possible expansion of Peppol specifications
  • influencing the development and adoption of e-procurement standards
  • access to group members from various countries with expertise across a wide range of industries
  • opportunity to participate in Peppol communities.

For more information about OpenPeppol membership visit the OpenPeppol website.

Apply to become an OpenPeppol member at any time by contacting and completing the registration forms.

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