Practitioner lodgment service (PLS) focus group - Transactions involving cancelled ABNs

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This focus group has been set up to work through the issue around our treatment of transactions involving cancelled ABNs. Details of the issue are:

  • Activity Statement (AS) pre-fill and the AS lodgment report (ASLRPT) can return cancelled ABNs. The ABNs that were cancelled at the time of the pre-fill and/or report may have been active at the time of the obligation.
  • Cancelled ABNs fail Access Manager checks performed via the Standard Business Reporting (SBR) platform, even if the lodgment relates to a period when the ABN was active. The AUTH.007 error does not provide enough detail to distinguish a cancelled ABN rejection from another cause (such as permissions setup incorrectly by a tax agent).

Relevant documentation from the focus group is available below.

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