Test scenarios

The test scenarios are intended to assist digital service providers that are building products to conform to the Electronic reporting specification, Taxable payments annual report version 2.0.0, 1.0....
Current from: 14 Nov 2017
This test scenario outlines the requirements for listing on the Product Register of the Tax Office's Digital Service Providers' Homepage.  
Current from: 14 Nov 2017
This document is provided to digital service providers to enable them to enhance their product by incorporating official Tax Office EFT code validation rules. The receipt of a valid code by the Tax...
Current from: 14 Nov 2017
The following instructions cover the reporting of employee share scheme statement - employee summary information for the 2018 and subsequent financial years.
Current from: 3 Oct 2017
For information about tax invoices, refer to Issuing tax invoices.
Current from: 10 Apr 2017
The private health insurance report (PHIR) validation script can be run against a private health insurance (PHI) file to search for instances where: an Individual Identity record doesn’t...
Current from: 24 Feb 2017
The following tests cover the calculation of luxury car tax (LCT) and associated GST and adjustments. They also cover the reporting of LCT amounts at the appropriate labels on the BAS.  
Current from: 13 May 2016
Self-printing of employee summaries on plain paper is available only to ESS providers who lodge their Employee share scheme (ESS) annual report to the ATO electronically. Self-printed employee...
Current from: 28 Jan 2016
The Electronic reporting test scenario version 1.0.0 should be used to test software that complies with the Electronic reporting specification Private Health Insurance Report (PHIR) v3.0.0.
Current from: 28 Nov 2014
Test scenario for Petroleum resource rent tax (PRRT) reporting for the 2013-14 financial year onwards. Overview The following instructions cover the reporting of electronic versions of the:...
Current from: 16 Sep 2014