Outcome of lodgment report (OoLR) error manual specification v19.1.0

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The FINAL Electronic reporting specification - Outcome of lodgment error manual version 19.1.0 has been published below.

This manual assists in the understanding of the Outcome of lodgement report providing definitions and solutions of error codes.

This version incorporates the following:

  • Low Income Superannuation Contribution (LISC) initiatives introduced as part of the Tax Laws Amendment (Stronger, Fairer, Simpler and Other Measures) Act 2012, which has commenced on the 1st of July 2013
  • The addition of USM in member contribution type as a result of inclusion of USM in the PVA specification commencing on the 1st of January 2014.

To assist in identifying changes, a tracked version of the Outcome of lodgment error manual version 19.1.0 specification showing all changes from version 19.0 to version 19.1.0, and a clean version of the FINAL specification version 19.1.0 are provided for your convenience.

Any enquiries/comments regarding this specification should be directed to the Software Industry Liaison Unit at SILU@ato.gov.au.