Pay as you go (PAYG) withholding where ABN not quoted annual report specification v1.2.1 and test scenario

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Changes have occurred throughout this specification to:

  • Update postal and email addresses, dates and contact number information
  • Update ATO processes information
  • Clarify components of existing information
  • Restructure sections subsequent to section 8, and
  • Attach the current published Magnetic media information form.

Changes that have occurred from draft to final version:

  • The postal address for amendment letters has been further updated (page 3 in the clean version and pages 4-5 in the tracked version).

Please note:

  • There are no changes to the data file structure and data records
  • There is no change to the ATO report specification version number within the data file i.e. FNOABNV1.2 in Supplier data record 1 (character position 41-50)
  • Changes have not been tracked where sentences have been restructured and the intent/information has not changed, and
  • Hyperlinks and links may not be active in the TRACKED final version.
Reason for Amendment

15.07.2014 - updated title name