Peppol e-invoicing: full P2P specifications available now

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The government has mandated that Commonwealth Government agencies must be able to receive e-invoices by 1 July 2022, with over 80% of invoices being able to be received electronically by 1 July 2021 which will contribute to e-invoicing adoption increasing across the economy and increased cash flow and a safer business environment.

Awareness of e-invoicing is growing and as such digital service providers (DSPs) are increasingly becoming accredited access points through the Australian Peppol Authority or are forging relationships with an access point so they can offer e-invoicing.

If you are an accredited access point you can offer your clients access to the full suite of procure-to-pay (P2P) specifications. Information about becoming an access point is available from the Australian Peppol Authority,  P2P document specifications are available from, or for other enquiries email

Using Peppol e-invoicing means DSPs can provide their clients with a means to improve productivity, streamline processing, reduce costs of doing business and enable faster payment times. E-invoicing is the digital exchange of electronic invoices between a buyer’s and supplier’s accounting systems and produces cleaner, standardised, structured data which automates entry into the system and enables automated processing.

An e-invoice is just one in a suite of electronic documents available within the Peppol network that will improve buyer and seller experience within the procure-to-pay (P2P) and the order-to-cash (O2C) lifecycle.

Other P2P and O2C documents that can be securely exchanged include:

  • catalogues
  • punch-out sites
  • purchase orders
  • order confirmations
  • advanced shipping notifications.


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