Single Touch Payroll

Single Touch Payroll (STP) is a government initiative to streamline business reporting obligations.

Employers will be able to report salary or wages, pay as you go (PAYG) withholding and super information to us from their payroll solution, at the same time they pay their employees. There will also be more options for completing tax and super forms online.

STP has begun for employers with 20 or more employees (1 July 2018 being the mandated date). It will be expanded to include employers with 19 or less employees from 1 July 2019, subject to legislation being passed in parliament.

Information and resources are available to help you with your STP-enabled product. We also hold a range of consultation and engagement activities.

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Latest news

18 January 2019

From late January, we are contacting employers (with 19 or less employees) using payroll software.

We are letting them know once their software is STP-enabled they have the option to start using STP reporting, prior to legislation passing.  They will also be advised:

  • what they will be reporting through STP
  • they have the option to use a third party payroll provider
  • to talk to their tax professional about STP – a STP toolkit  for tax professionals is available 
  • you will let them know, as their digital service provider, if their software is STP-enabled. 

Some of these employers may be your users and contact you for information.

Note that these communications were previously scheduled to issue in November 2018.

A range of resources are available on the Single Touch Payroll page to support you in communicating with your users. This includes the:

If you have any questions email

19 December 2018

Forms are available to help registered tax and BAS agents lodge STP reports on behalf of their clients: 

14 December 2018

We have published a list of the digital service providers intending to build low-cost STP solutions for the micro employer market (one to four employees) on This list is the result of responses to our market request issued in October 2018.  

If you have any questions or feedback, email

12 December 2018

Changes to PAYEVNT.0003 2018 and PAYEVNT.0002 2017 are available in production, along with the second STP employee commencement service, EMPWTHSPRDTL.0002 2018.

  • Functional changes to PAYEVNT.0003 2018 and PAYEVNT.0002 2017.
    • Restricting validation for address fields.
    • Withholding payer number (WPN) holders can lodge via a sending service provider (SSP) without needing to use a registered agent. Note that PAYEVNT.0002 2017 will not be updated to support this change.
  • EMPWTHSPRDTL.0002 2018.
    • Allows employee access to complete pre-filled commencement forms directly from ATO online services in myGov with employer collection through the EMPWTHSPRDTL service.
    • Allows a registered agent to collect employee on-boarding forms submitted through ATO online on behalf of a WPN or Australian business number (ABN) employer.
    • EMPWTHSPRDTL.0002 2018 can be used to collect on-boarding forms for phase 1 (BMS Initiated) and phase 2 (myGov direct). Note that EMPWTHSPRDTL.0001 2018 has been decommissioned and will not be available in EVTE or production. If you are developing to EMPWTHSPRDTL.0001 2018 you will need to move to the new version.

11 December 2018

Legislation to extend STP to include employers with 19 or less employees is currently before parliament. The Bill has been passed by the Senate with a number of proposed amendments. It has been referred to the House of Representatives to consider the amendments put forward. We will continue to keep you updated on the progress of the Bill.

4 December 2018

The recording of the STP webcast Payroll software providers talk Single Touch Payroll with the ATO held on Wednesday 28 November is now available. Senior figures in the payroll software industry and the ATO shared learnings and discussed what's ahead for STP.

30 October 2018

We are continuing to work with digital service providers, super funds, employers and other payroll service providers on the design, development and implementation of STP employee commencement services. The confirmed services are:

  1.  Linking software to forms in ATO online services available through myGov. Employees will access this link through their employer’s software.
  2. Employee access to complete pre-filled commencement forms directly from ATO online services in myGov. 

Technical artefacts associated with the first service, Employee Withholding and Super Notification Details (EMPWTHSPRDTL), are currently available on These will be updated as part of the release of the second service, with the new artefacts to be published and available in EVTE on 15 November 2018 and available in production on 8 December 2018.

The new artefacts will also allow an employer to use a registered agent to collect employee commencement forms on their behalf. This will include employers who hold a withholding payer number (WPN). Some new validation rules will be included as part of this functional change, however there are no changes to the response message.
The planned third service, to provide employee information to an employer through their software, has been put on hold because there are risks associated with the ATO disclosing an employee’s tax and superannuation information directly to an employer. Although the ATO would like to support the delivery of a service that is embedded in the employer’s software we want to ensure all risks are mitigated first. The ability to deliver this service will be reviewed in September 2019.

Note: The implementation of the STP employee commencement services is optional. Employers can continue to use their current processes.

If you have any questions or feedback email

26 October 2018

The recording of the STP small employer webcast held on Thursday 18 October is available.

2 October 2018

Legislation to extend STP reporting to small business from 1 July 2019 has been has been introduced into Parliament. To support these employers in meeting their new obligations we are seeking expressions of interest from digital service providers to develop tailored STP solutions for the micro employer market (1 to 4 employees) or who already have a candidate solution.

17 September 2018

Employers may now authorise their registered agent to act on their behalf for STP lodgment through an annual agreement, instead of at each pay event. This is known as a STP engagement authority.

If you are a registered agent providing a payroll service (lodging STP reports on behalf of your users) visit STP authorisations on to find out about: 

  • eligibility and exclusions
  • what to include in the STP engagement authority

For more information on lodging STP reports on behalf of your users see Registered agents providing a payroll service.

7 September 2018

Around 40,000 employers are now reporting through STP. In our media release A new era of payroll reporting has started, we share our STP journey so far and recognise your effort and commitment in developing and delivering STP.

There are still some employers who are yet to start reporting through STP and are not covered by a deferral.

Throughout September, we will be contacting these employers advising them to get ready or start STP reporting by:

  • checking if their software is STP-enabled by contacting you or their third-party payroll provider if required 
  • using the employer checklist to find out how to get ready
  • starting to report from their next pay cycle through their STP-enabled software. Employers will not need to notify us once they start reporting.

Some of these employers may be your users and they may contact you for information.

A range of resources are available on this website and the Single Touch Payroll page to support you in communicating with your users. This includes: 

If your users are not ready to start reporting they can also apply for an employer deferral if eligible.   

If you have any questions email

15 August 2018

If you or your users experience an issue lodging a STP report, troubleshooting information is available at Reporting through Single Touch Payroll.

8 August 2018

Listen to part two of our Tax inVoice podcast about STP and the journey ahead.

30 July 2018

Access the recordings of Part 1 and Part 2 of the STP Employee Commencement webinar. These webinars focused on the first phase release of STP employee commencement.

17 July 2018

If you or your users will be lodging STP reports on behalf of clients you are considered to be providing a payroll service and will need to complete the following steps before you can lodge a STP report:

  1. Be registered as an agent with the Tax Practitioner Board (TPB).
  2. Ensure you are linked to your client in our system.
  3. Notify us of your unique software ID (SSID) if using online or cloud-based software.

For help in completing these steps, visit Registered agents providing a payroll service on

3 July 2018

We are writing to employers who moved to STP reporting before 1 July 2018, some of these may be your users.

We are providing information about how their employee's payment summary for 2017-18 will change with STP. You can find this information via the STP for employees page on

6 June 2018

If you are in the process of certifying your product for STP reporting and it is connecting directly to the ATO, make sure to modify your production physical end points to PROD2 before deploying your STP services in the SBR2 production environment.

You can find the PROD2 physical end point URLs in the ATO SBR Physical End Points (DOCX, 297KB) document on the ATO common artefacts and reference documents page.

Note: If you are using a sending service provider (SSP), we are working with them to ensure they provide the appropriate physical end points.

26 April 2018

The presentation from the recent STP BIG and business scenarios Q&A session has been updated to include information on the questions and answers discussed.

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