Single Touch Payroll technical focus group: PAYEVNT.0004.2020 Phase 2 questions

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This focus group was formed by the Single Touch Payroll technical committee (STPTC) in response to a need to address technical questions/issues for PAYEVNT.0004.2020 (also referred to as STP Phase 2).

The first meeting of the group is 18 September 2019.

Goals of the focus group

  • Receive or determine any technical questions/issues related to the design and deployment of PAYEVNT.0004.2020, which may have impact on digital service providers.
  • Evaluate the scope, impact and risks of those issues and the benefits of implementing changes or of not implementing changes.
  • Recommend to ATO any changes/resolutions for questions/issues.

Expectations of members

Members will:

  • ​be familiar with IT technical aspects of the ATO’s PAYEVNT service.
  • have capacity to participate as representative of whole of industry or as whole of ATO.
  • have ability to collaborate from September 2019 to March 2020 via Webex® and/or via online collaboration tools.  
  • understand that outcomes of the group’s activities will be a collective and representative recommendation to ATO’s program of work, and will not imply commitment by ATO to implement changes.

Documentation of the group’s activities and/or outcomes will be published to facilitate awareness by stakeholders.

Input to the focus group by non-members

For more information or to submit questions/issues email with CC to

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