SuperStream standard working groups

Rollovers Implementation working group

The Rollovers Implementation Working Group (RIWG) meetings were held from August 2016 to December 2016. The RIWG was established by the ATO to provide an industry stakeholder forum to support the implementation of rollovers standard v2.0.

Contributions Implementation working group

The RIWG was re-formed in February 2017, as the 'Contributions Implementation Working Group (CIWG)', to support the implementation for  contributions v2.0.

To join the CIWG, please email::

Let's Talk platform

The SuperStream Readiness and Implementation web page has been published on Let’s Talk.  The page has been established to provide industry with information and guidance to support SuperStream implementation in a timelier manner.

We encourage CIWG members to subscribe to this page to stay informed of future updates.  You will first need to register your details with Let’s Talk in order to subscribe to this page.

All CIWG supporting documentation will be published on this page.

Business to government reporting Working Group (formerly known as the MiX working group)

This ad-hoc working group supports the new fund reporting arrangements design and implementation.

SuperStream continuous improvement working group

The SuperStream continuous improvement working group (SCIWG) provides solution options and recommendations to the SuperStream Reference Group (SSRG) on issue resolution and potential improvements to enhance the administration and operation of an efficient SuperStream ecosystem.

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