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eInvoicing Ready overview

eInvoicing Ready software products at a minimum must be able to:

Products may also meet the preferred Ready+ criteria by demonstrating their ability to support sending data rated as best practice as per the A-NZ invoice content industry practice statement.

Successful applications will be certified as eInvoicing Ready and listed on the eInvoicing Ready product register.  

Completing an eInvoicing product assessment

All steps are required to be completed in meeting the requirements of the assessment criteria these will be applied per product and are outlined below:

  1. Submit an eInvoicing product application
  2. Peppol Authority to complete due diligence checks
  3. Product demonstration
  4. Acceptance email and product listing

Step 1 - Submit an eInvoicing product application

Submit application by:

  1. completing the AU eInvoicing product application form (DOCX, 978KB) and submitting it to eInvoicing@ato.gov.au or
  2. submitting an eInvoicing product Application through Online Services for DSPs.

The below outlines the sections of the application form to be completed:

  • Section A: General company and product information
  • Section B: Signing Declaration
  • Section C: Provision of Screenshots

We will endeavour to respond to your submission within 5 business days.

Step 2 – Peppol Authority to complete due diligence checks

To protect the interests of end-users and the other service providers operating in the network, we will use the information obtained in the application form to conduct a few due diligence checks.

The due diligence checks include:

  • confirmation the entity providing the service is a registered business
  • confirmation the entity providing the service is not insolvent
  • confirmation the entity’s key office holders are not banned, disqualified or bankrupt
  • criminal record check.

Step 3 - Product demonstration

After reviewing screenshots and upon receiving any additional information requested, we will invite you to a short product demonstration session with us. The product demonstration will show aspects of how your product supports mandatory and as applicable preferred criteria and as applicable can include:

  • how invoices are created by senders and/or processed by buyers
  • how end-users are registered onto the Peppol network
  • how data rated as best practice is supported for sending invoices (only applicable for Ready+ applications).

Product demonstrations generally take between 15-30 minutes.

Step 4 - Acceptance email and product listing

Upon successful completion you will receive an acceptance email from the Australian Peppol Authority with a validity of 12 months and be listed on the eInvoicing Ready product register.

Product provided to New Zealand customers

Through the Trans-Tasman Single economic market agenda in 2018 the Australian and New Zealand governments announced a common approach towards eInvoicing.

Software products that meet the eInvoicing Ready criteria and indicated that they would like to be listed on the New Zealand register they will only need to complete one application form.

Maintaining your eInvoicing Ready Product listing

You will be required to complete a renewal process 12 months from when you met the criteria with the Australian Peppol Authority to maintain your status as eInvoicing Ready.

Changes to product

If there are changes to services offered through your product which impacts on the information provided in your application form notify us of changes e.g., adding send or receive capability.

You can request for content to be updated at any time on the eInvoicing Ready product register by contacting eInvoicing@ato.gov.au.

Renewal process

If you have had minimal changes, we will only require a product demonstration with the demonstration criteria the same used in the application process. For products with changes, you will need to notify us of the changes.

The Australian Peppol Authority will contact you 3 months prior to renewal. If you complete the renewal within this period your, next review will remain one year from the existing expiry date.


Current expiry date Date you completed renewal New expiry date
1 July 2020 5 June 2022 1 July 2023


If service providers have questions or would like a meeting to discuss the eInvoicing-product assessment process or criteria reach out via either eInvoicing@ato.gov.au or through Online services for DSPs.

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