Employee share scheme (ESS) self-print statement - employee summary specification v1.0 and test scenario

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This specification is to be used when developing software for the printing of Employee share scheme statement - employee summaries, commencing 2009-10 financial year. The statement summary is used to report Employee share scheme interests information, is provided to individuals participating in employee share scheme(s) and used to complete the individual income tax return with the required information.

Changes to ESS statement-employee summary template layouts

The following changes have occurred since the draft template layouts were published on 16 March 2010:

  • Rewording to the 'NOTICE TO EMPLOYEE'
  • Removal of all references to 'Number of ESS interests acquired' and the associated boxes
  • Removal of the word 'Assessable' from "Assessable discount on ESS interests acquired pre 1 July 2009 and 'cessation time' occurred during the financial year" (label G) and the 'd' in discount capitalised
  • Bolding of the wording associated with label C
  • Removal of reference to 'Foreign source discounts' (label A) and associated box
  • The remaining boxes and wording realigned
  • Previously advised internal design process has been completed and the correct positioning layout for the employee summary templates is finalised

N.B. The previous draft template layouts have been removed from the software developers website.

Reason for Amendment

23.10.2012 - Updated summary samples
03.06.2010 - Title edited