Employee share scheme (ESS) self-print statement - employee summary specification v1.0.1 and test scenario

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This specification is to be used when developing software for the printing of Employee share scheme statement - employee summaries, commencing 2009-10 financial year. The statement summary is used to report Employee share scheme interests information, is provided to individuals participating in employee share scheme(s) and used to complete the individual income tax return with the required information.

Differences between version 1.0 and version 1.0.1               

General key changes

  • Definitions table has been updated
  • Software Industry Liaison Unit (SILU) has been changed to Software Industry Partnership Office (SIPO)
Reason for Amendment

21 April 2016 - The four Employee share scheme (ESS) statement samples have been updated to include a decimal place and an extra box for the cents component of the amount in the following fields:

  • Market value of shares acquired
  • Acquisition price of shares acquired
  • Market value of ordinary shares on the date options acquired
  • Exercise price per option acquired
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