Guides and Instructions

This guide provides information to assist in validating Payment Reference Numbers (PRN) for Australian Taxation Office payments.

We receive over 20 million payments annually. Of these, approximately 10% of payments require correction due to...

Current from: 1 Aug 2018

There is currently a known issue where an individual’s Total superannuation balance (TSB) includes amounts which have been duplicated. This error is caused by our systems being unable to match Member Contribution Statements (MCS) and Transfer Balance...

Current from: 15 Jun 2018

The Single Touch Payroll: DSP guide to navigating the SBR technical artefacts has been developed through consultation with the Single Touch Payroll document navigation focus group...

Current from: 30 May 2018

Bulk data exchange (BDE) error and warning codes and messages

Reports included:

  • Payment summary annual report (PSAR)
  • Taxable payment annual report (TPAR)
  • Annual investment income report (AIIR)...
Current from: 17 Aug 2017
Current from: 26 May 2017

The Item A3 calculator allows users to calculate the correct amounts for the A3 labels on the individual tax return. This will ensure they receive the correct amount of government super co-contribution.

The A3 calculation is based on information...

Current from: 22 Feb 2017

We have changed the Standard choice form to allow employers to collect additional information that is now required under the SuperStream changes...

Current from: 12 Jan 2017

Information to help develop software that uses a virtual tax file number (TFN) declaration completed electronically by a payee and transfers that data to the ATO online.

Current from: 22 Jun 2016

The ATO publishes information about super funds to assist employers access information required to send contributions using SuperStream.

This information includes unique superannuation identifiers (USI) which uniquely identifies an APRA fund and...

Current from: 19 Nov 2015

The Rollover transition-in timetable has been updated to version 13.0 and contains information current as at 20 November 2013. The schedule 1 for small APRA funds has also been updated below.

Current from: 22 Nov 2013