Pay as you go withholding (PAYGW) self-print (SPRINT) payment summary specification v5.2.0

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This specification is to be used in the development of software for self-printing payment summaries and should be used in conjunction with the specification for Pay as you go (PAYG) withholding payment summary annual report version 11.0.0.


General changes
Specification version information table has been updated.
Reference to Tax Pack has been replace with Individual tax return instructions.

Changes to payment summary information:

  • Employment termination payment summary

    • Previous information has been removed under this heading, and
    • New information and codes have been provided for type of payment.

Changes to the ATO layouts for the self-printing Employment termination payment summary:

  • Notice to payee

    • Bullet point ‘refer to TaxPack' has been removed.
  • New wording and box have been added for Employment termination payment (ETP) code.
  • Tax free component wording and box have been moved to align beside Taxable component wording and box.
  • Wording and boxes have been removed for:
    • Is this payment a transitional termination payment?
    • Is this payment part of a payment made in an earlier income year for the same termination?
    • Death benefit
    • Type of death benefit.

Minor changes to ATO layouts for the following self-printing payment summaries:

  • Individual non-business payment summary layouts
  • Business and personal services payment summary layouts
  • Superannuation income stream layouts
  • Superannuation lump sum layouts

The following changes have been applied to the above self-printing payment summary layouts:

  • Notice to payee

    • The bullet point 'refer to TaxPack' has been removed.
    • Reference to '(EST)' has been removed from phone information bullet point. This change is not applicable to Superannuation income stream and Superannuation lump sum payment summary layouts.
  • The NAT or JS number has been removed from the bottom of the self-printing payment summary layouts.
Reason for Amendment

Updated 2012 self-printing payment summaries

Correction to the attachment:
Employment termination payment (ETP) 2013 window amendment update