Petroleum resource rent tax (PRRT) electronic reporting specification V1.0.0 and test scenario

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Resource Tax
Business accounting
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Test scenarios

This specification is to be used in the development of software for the lodgment of electronic versions of the:

  • Petroleum resource rent tax (PRRT) annual return (2012–13 financial year onwards)
  • Petroleum resource rent tax (PRRT) instalment statement (2013-14 financial year onwards)
  • Petroleum resource rent tax (PRRT) deductible expenditure schedule
  • Petroleum resource rent tax (PRRT) notification of transfer of an interest in a petroleum title
  • Notification of transfer of petroleum resource rent tax (PRRT) exploration expenditure

The only significant change between this final version and the draft specification issued on 6 February 2014 is the addition of a limit on the number of repeating Petroleum project 2 data records and Production licence data records that the ATO will accept in a PRRT electronic report.

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