Contribution standard v2.0

The contributions v2 release is an upgrade to the existing SuperStream standard. The initial release of the contributions standard took place in mid-2013 and was solely for business-to-business interactions.

The v2 upgrade has principally brought government payments and recoveries (and introduced new functionality to enable automated processing of amendments) into the standard (i.e.government-to-business (G2B) transactions), specifically:

  • co-contributions payments and recoveries
  • superannuation guarantee (SG) payments and recoveries
  • low income superannuation contributions (LISC) payments and recoveries, and
  • superannuation holding account (SHA) payments.

Business-to-business (B2B) aspects of the upgrade have also ensured industry conformance with the standard – specifically the inclusion of Payment Reference Number (PRN) values in the Contribution Transaction Error Response (CTER).

The conformance date for implementing v2 was 31 August 2017. The majority of large super funds completed their implementations for both G2B and B2B and were transacting in v2 of the standard by the conformance date.

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