Rollover standard v2.0

The upgrade to the SuperStream Rollovers Standard (v2) brought all superannuation rollovers between large APRA-regulated super funds (B2B) and rollovers between the ATO and large funds (G2B) into the SuperStream standard.

Business-to-business (B2B) implementation

All large APRA-regulated funds have reported they are transacting in Rollovers v2. The Rollovers v1 system has been switched off and v1 messages are no longer supported which means they cannot be received or processed by the receiving party and will most likely result in the data message being rejected. Gateway providers have been asked to contact the ATO if they notice v1 transactions.

USM rollovers implementation

All large APRA-regulated funds have implemented SuperStream G2B unclaimed super money (USM) rollovers. USM remittance runs are monitored as part of our normal processes.

Electronic Portability Form (EPFv2) cutover

EPFv2 was deployed on 1 May 2017.

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