SBR transaction performance statistics – 2022

These reports show performance times for forms, reports and schedules lodged through Standard Business Reporting (SBR). We expect this data will help you manage the performance of your software and the expectations of your clients.

  • Transmissions are split between Batch or Bulk Requests (BBRP) and Single Requests (SRP) giving more accurate timings per service.
  • Transmissions are ordered by the top ten services (highest volumes of transmissions) – this parameter can be changed should the need arise.
  • For SRP transmissions a column with the percentage of transmissions meeting the 5 second timing targets is included.
  • Production and EVTE timings will be in separate documents.

Note: The STP statistics were removed from the Batch Bulk Requests (BBRP) report due to fundamental differences between STP and all other services. STP transactions are significantly larger and could include many thousands of employees and would be misleading to include on the same report.

We are currently working to improve the BRRP report to more clearly represent overall throughput and performance of messages in this channel.

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