Single Touch Payroll technical focus group: TFNDEC data 2019

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This focus group was called by the Single Touch Payroll Technical Committee (STPTC) in the meeting of 5 December 2018 in response to digital service providers (DSPs) concerns that the data structures differed between the tax file number declaration (TFNDEC), the TFNDEC part of Payroll Event (PAYEVNT), the online tax file number declaration screen, the Bulk Data Exchange (BDE) and the paper form.

The goals of this focus group are:

  1. Immediate goal: to identify irritants that can be addressed immediately for the TFNDEC and/or PAYEVNT web services
  2. Extended goal: to document a recommendation to the STPTC on:
    • confirming the future need for a separate TFNDEC rather than incorporating within PAYEVNT
    • the potential (of ATO and the software industry) to align the data collected in the TFNDEC form with the TFNDEC and PAYEVNT services
    • impacts, risks, benefits of implementing changes and of not implementing changes.

EXPECTATION - outcomes of the group’s activities will be a collective and representative recommendation to ATO’s architectural program of work, and will not imply commitment by ATO to implement changes.

Documentation of the group’s activities and/or outcomes will be published to this page.

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