Annual investment income report (AIIR) specification v10.0.1

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The FINAL Annual Investment Income Report (AIIR) v10.0.1 has been published. A clean and tracked version of the FINAL specification has been provided for your information.

The following has been updated in the FINAL specification.

General key changes

  • The following sections have been updated:

    • Acronyms table
  • General wording changes to allow for consistency, update and clarify information and processes. Changes have not been tracked where sentences have been restructured and the intent/information has not changed.
  • All reference to Electronic Commerce Interface (ECI) as a channel for AIIR version 10.0.0 and later versions data capture has been removed from this specification.
  • Information on the Business Portal (Portal) as a channel for Annual investment income report (AIIR) data capture version 10.0.0 and later versions has been included throughout this version of the specification.
  • Removal of reference to Electronic Media - Media Information Processing Services (MIPS) as a lodgment option for this version of the specification as reporters using this version are required to lodge via the portal.

Changes to data records, values and definitions

  • A keying error has been identified in the dataset Farm Management Deposit Account Data Record, Reference number 7.62 – Date of payment. The field format is currently listed as N – numeric, however, the field format should be DT – Date. To avoid the necessity for software developers to update/correct software, this field will not be updated in this version of the specification but will be updated in the next full version update. 
  • Supplier data record 1
    • There is no change to ATO report specification version number field and associated data definition 7.9, it remains as FINVAV10.0.
    • Data field 7.8 – removed M and P as options for Return Media as electronic media is no longer accepted and paper is not pertinent to this specification. No software changes are required.
    • Data field 7.10 – removed E as an option for Validation Method as ECI is no longer accepted. No software changes are required
  • Data field 14.9 – removed R as an option for ATO File Medium type as electronic media is no longer sent. No software changes are required
  • Data field definitions and validation rules
    • Data field definition 7.62 – distinguish the difference in reporting requirements for Farm management deposit (FMDs) and unit trust distribution (UTDs)
    • Data field definition 7.64 – added warning box
    • Data field definition 7.71 – update to definition
    • Data field definitions 7.125, 7.126 and 7.128
  • All references to investment body have been replaced with FMD provider.
  • Data field definitions 7.121, 7.124, 7.126 and 7.129.
  • If a complete date is unknown, the day can be zero filled. Data field definitions 7.117 to 7.130.
  • General wording update to definitions and warning boxes.Data field definition 7.133 – FMDs are now exempt from the unclaimed moneys provisions. As such, the field is to be zero filled.
  • Data field definition 7.145 – definition for option U has been updated from not known to not known / indeterminate.

19 October 2015

Annual investment income report (AIIR) companion guide

The AIIR Companion Guide (version 2) has been published.

This guide provides information to assist investment bodies complete and supply the AIIR. The guide has detailed instructions and examples and may assist in the development of software for electronic lodgment of the AIIR for the 2014-15 and subsequent financial years.

Although specifically designed to support users of the AIIR version 10.0.1 electronic reporting specification (ERS) and AIIR PC spreadsheet format version 4.0.1 reporting specification it provides useful information for all AIIR users.

The key changes between v1 and v2 of the guide are:

  • The content has been updated to reflect the updating of the AIIR ERS from v10.0.0 to v10.0.1
  • The inclusion of a new section, Lodgment.
  • The Farm Management Deposit section has been updated to explain consolidation and simplified reporting.
  • Section 11, Alignment between AIIR, SDS and ITR, has been updated to reflect alignment to the 2015 forms.
  • Division 393 of the Taxation Administration Act 1953 replaces regulation 56 of the Income Tax Regulations 1936 from 1 July 2015.

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