Guides and instructions

This guide provides information to assist in development of the Transfers of shares and units (listed entities) report.

It has been prepared for suppliers, reporters, digital service providers and other interested parties and contains...

Current from: 19 Dec 2019

Schedules and other documentation for eCommerce are provided below.

Digital service providers should take care to note the currency dates of documents.

Current from: 28 Nov 2019

A ban on electronic sales suppression tools (ESSTs) was part of the Treasury Laws Amendment (Black Economy Taskforce Measures no.1) Bill 2018, which received royal assent on 3 October 2018. The law makes it a criminal offence to possess, produce,...

Current from: 27 Nov 2019

SBR file library

Current from: 11 Nov 2019

General file library

Current from: 11 Nov 2019
Current from: 2 Sep 2019

The tax file number (TFN) algorithm is a mathematical formula that tests the validity of numbers quoted as TFNs. Its use in software is recommended as it will minimise TFN errors and may subsequently reduce the need for contact between your...

Current from: 15 Aug 2019

The Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook (MYEFO) was released on 18 December 2017.

A summary of the measures affecting digital service providers is provided on this page for use in developing software.

While the ATO sometimes provides...

Current from: 16 Jul 2019

This document is provided to digital service providers for the purpose of obtaining and understanding the format and algorithm of the Australian business number (ABN).

Highlights of the service are:

  • The automatic validation of ABN...
Current from: 14 Jun 2019