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Current from: 7 Apr 2020

Schedules and other documentation for eCommerce are provided below.

Digital service providers should take care to note the currency dates...

Current from: 30 Mar 2020
Current from: 9 Mar 2020

This paper provides a consolidation of responses provided to Digital Service Providers (DSPs) about the implementation of changes due to the...

Current from: 25 Feb 2020

The Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook (MYEFO) was released on 16 December 2020. A summary of the measures affecting digital service providers...

Current from: 3 Feb 2020

On 1 January each year, Services Australia Protected Earnings Amount (PEA) is adjusted to allow for increases in the cost of living. The PEA is a...

Current from: 31 Jan 2020

SBR file library

Current from: 11 Nov 2019

General file library

Current from: 11 Nov 2019
Current from: 2 Sep 2019

The tax file number (TFN) algorithm is a mathematical formula that tests the validity of numbers quoted as TFNs. Its use in software is...

Current from: 15 Aug 2019