Guides and instructions

We will be issuing the below communications to employers from Tuesday 17 October. There are three different versions. You can use the content in communications with your users to help explain their...
Current from: 12 Oct 2017
The TFN declaration (NAT 3092) is being updated to expand the residency status for tax purposes question as a result of the recent law change concerning working holiday makers. This draft is to be...
Current from: 25 Sep 2017
The Single Touch Payroll, Payroll reporting Business implementation guide (STP BIG) document contains the business rules and scenarios and will assist in understanding the business context...
Current from: 30 Aug 2017
This document provides the scenarios and use cases to support the business rules. 
Current from: 30 Aug 2017
Bulk data exchange (BDE) error and warning codes and messages Reports included: Payment summary annual report (PSAR) Taxable payment annual report (TPAR) Annual investment income report (...
Current from: 17 Aug 2017
This presentation provides information on how Single Touch Payroll will work. It has been designed to help Tax professionals communicate with their clients.
Current from: 19 Jun 2017
This communication resource pack has been developed for Tax professionals to use to communicate with their clients about Single Touch Payroll.
Current from: 19 Jun 2017
Current from: 26 May 2017
The Budget 2017-18 was released on Tuesday 9 May 2017. The measures announced as part of the Budget 2017-18 are subject to receiving Royal assent and are therefore not yet law. While we provide...
Current from: 18 May 2017
Sample 2017 pay as you go (PAYG) withholding annual obligation campaign mail out for letters and emails for employers and other payers are available for you to view. The campaigns are scheduled to...
Current from: 18 May 2017